School Management Software in Bangladesh

School Management Software

Do you want your school to rank high as one of the best in terms of management? Then get our School, College and University Management Software. This software is designed to make administrators more efficient in handling their students and boost the academic performance of the students. It also gives parents access to report about their children’s performance in school. Our School-College – University Software is very simple to use. It enables management to give equal attention to all student and also send notifications to parents at home. Parents do not need to visit the school premises to know how their kids are doing or to get important information like resumption date and others. The software allows administrators to send SMS or mail to parents, students, and also to teachers. No matter the size or number of students you are handling, this software will make things easy for you to manage. You can also track the attendance of students and publish school news on the News Board Section for all to see. Our software also brings you closer to your students and parents. It allows administrators to communicate with other users by sending private messages

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