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Sale and buy are the central processes of trade and commerce and the POS that stands for Point of Sale is a key factor in this regard. Typically Point of Sale(POS) meant the place where a buyer exchanged cash with a seller for goods or service. But with advanced technology, POS is not limited in the manual exchange of currency or merely in the cash receipts. Computers, mobile phone, programming, and the internet have modified it and made POS easier and more effective. Point of Sale assures safe business avoiding traditional transaction system and prevents any type of mismanagement by the employees. It also assures time consuming and increases productivity. POS contributes to increasing revenue, reducing labor hour and achieving savings on annual basis. At present, most of the commercial organizations or agencies worldwide rely on Point of Sale system. Bangladesh is not an exception in using POS software. Soft IT Security provides you the best POS software in Bangladesh. We have already provided this best POS software in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh as well as outside of the country.

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