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Best Accounting

Management Software

Do you need professionals to develop reliable and secure accounting software for your business? Then come to Blue Automation  and let’s work together. Accounting software is simply a computer-based application designed for you to record and process all your accounting transactions with ease. This software also acts as an accounting information system and it consists of different functional modules that will enhance the productivity of your employees. These modules include account receivable, account payable, payroll as well as trial balance.

What to expect from our accounting software?

Our accounting software is well planned and with proper implantation, it can handle all aspects of your finance management. We have also included all the various modules to tackle every area of accounting like:

Ledger_ the company’s book

Account payable_ where your company can enter its bills as well as pay money it owes
Billing_ Where your company can generate invoices for all its clients

Account receivable_ where your company can add money owed to it

Expense_ where the business-related expenses of your employees are entered

Payroll _ where your company can track all wages, salaries and related taxes

Reports, time sheet and other modules

Features of Accounting Software

♦ Software Fully dynamic & Online, offline or both mode feature
♦ Fully responsive for Smartphone’s op any decides like PC, Computer, Laptop etc.
♦ Fast, Better Performance, Correct & Error free calculation
♦ Item Information add with item details
♦ Unlimited item add with reports
♦ Suppliers & vendor setup & payment history
♦ Software user setup & access limit setup
♦ Item stock limit setup & notification
♦ SMS & E-Mail notification feature
♦ For Multiple stores & unlimited paralleled devices in real time data input
♦ Whole store inventory manage
♦ Stock in & out input & report show
♦ Item damage of stock out with reason setup
♦ Customer add with membership card & discount feature add
♦ Ledger for customer, supplier as reports
♦ Daily sale, profit & loss, employee salary & attendance add
♦ Debit & Credit voucher maintain
♦ Cash & bank book maintain
♦ Party due collection & report history
♦ Income Statement
♦ Summary Balance
♦ Shop opening & closing balance
♦ Cash transfer to bank

What makes us different from others?


Blue Automation is focused on delivering quality and customized accounting software solutions. We are interested in unleashing the financial potentials of your business, whether big or small. And no matter what your needs are, we will always deliver quality services that will exceed your expectation. We also make use of modern technology and consistently upgrade our knowledge to keep up with the industry trend. However, the software solution you will gain by hiring us are:

Easy-to-use software:
Our accounting software is easy to use with a simple and clear interface. This software will reduce your training costs and allow you to concentrate more on your work.

We take pride in developing software that will suit your organization. In fact, we take each and every single detail of your business into consideration as we develop your customized software.

Our accounting software is developed with strong protection algorithms to prevent misuse of information or theft.

Multi-Currency Support

♦ Historical Currency Rates
♦ Multi-Currency Bank Accounts, Customers And Suppliers

Web Development

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Language Support

♦ Full support for localization by the GNU’s gettext package
♦ Multi language support with right to left support in Arabic language
♦ Different chart of accounts can be installed and activated
♦ Jalali and Islamic calendars are supported

SEO Optimizing

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Advanced GST/VAT handling

♦ GST/VAT can be selected on Customer, Supplier and Item basis
♦ Advanced GST/VAT report for details and outputs/inputs

Content Writing

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